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Dear St. Francis Family and Friends,

Our online worship for you this week includes a real treat! Chaplain Meredith Boyd delivers today’s Gospel reading, sermon, and Prayers of the People. Thank you, Meredith, for you gift to all of us! Here is the link to the recording.

And, as usual, here is a link to the worship offerings at our Washington National Cathedral.

As of today, our date to re-open churches in our diocese is set for May 12. I think it reasonable to assume that our closures will extend beyond that date. Scientists, medical doctors, and many others work daily in analyzing data as it appears, and that data seems to change on almost a daily basis. As we all watch this pandemic unfold, I know that our bishop is weighing many factors in making his decision as to when and how to return to our buildings for worship and fellowship. Let us all pray for Bp. Waldo during this difficult time in leading his flock, and let us trust his decision as to when we may begin gathering again in person.

My advice, as your pastor, is to be patient … with others, with yourself, and especially with ALL leaders as humanity struggles to deal with a truly novel global health challenge. Hold onto your faith … as this pandemic is certainly testing us all. And remain loving and hopeful, because nothing can separate us from God and God’s love of us.

Everyone shelter at home as much as possible and stay safe and healthy!

May God bless and keep us all.
May all be for the Glory of God.
God is good … all the time!

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