We Are Reopening on July 5!


Dear St. Francis Family and Friends,

It has been a long and difficult path as we have had to remain away from our beloved church. Even though the COVID-19 cases continue to remain high, we are being allowed to reopen and use our Outdoor Chapel as our place of worship. Many of you have attended Pet Blessings there in October and know the layout. For some, this will be your first experience worshipping in this space. We will begin worshipping in the Outdoor Chapel next Sunday (July 5th) and continue there until we are able to resume worship in the main Sanctuary. Here are the details:

Our service will begin at 9:00.
Everyone will need to wear a mask of some kind. We will have a supply of masks for those who do not have one.
We will need to “social distance” by households. So members of the same household may sit close together, and we will need to space “family units” 6 feet apart.
Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. There are wooden benches in the Chapel but, with social distancing, they probably won’t accommodate all of us.
Please dress COMFORTABLY! This is South Carolina in the summertime!
Please feel free to bring something to drink if you would like … water, coffee, soda, ice tea, etc.
We will have Communion. We will use Communion wafers and they will be administered safely. No one will consume wine from the Chalice. It will be on the altar for adoration.

We are going to do our absolute best to make this worship experience physically safe for everyone. I do understand that there are some who still will not yet feel comfortable worshiping in public. While we are still in the process of working out the details, we will do our best to “live stream” Sunday’s serve. Details on that will follow this coming week if we are able to make it happen.

Please pray for cool weather and no rain!

And so, in the meantime, here are some worship options for June 28, 2020 … The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, Year A and the 15th Sunday in this “Season of Sheltering.”

Here is a link to this week’s St. Francis recording. We also have available a copy of the Worship Guide. You can find a PDF here.

And, as usual, here is a link to the worship offerings at our Washington National Cathedral.

Everyone shelter at home as much as possible and stay safe and healthy!

May God bless and keep us all.
May all be for the Glory of God.
God is good … all the time!

Fr. Manning