Double Deacon Pilats!

Today at Trinity Cathedral, a wonderful ceremony occurred with all the pomp and circumstance of the Episcopal Church. Jennifer Pilat, daughter of our own Rev. Deacon Ann Pilat, was ordained as a transitional deacon in the Episcopal Church. The Rt. Rev. W. Andrew Waldo was the celebrant, and Rev. Deacon Ann Pilat was the Gospeler for her daughter’s ordination. The Rev. Dr. Mark Jefferson preached a sermon to remember about the challenges and joys of being a servant of Christ. Trinity Cathedral was an excellent host for this celebration and its choir and organist provided some of the most beautiful music ever heard in Columbia, SC, without a doubt! The St. Francis of Assisi church was well represented by its Vestry and parishioners. One has never seen a happier mother and daughter as can be seen in these few cell phone photographs. The Rev. Deacon Ann now has a challenger for her title of “best church dismissal deacon,” as Jenn filled Trinity Cathedral’s sanctuary with joy as she proclaimed the glory of God to end the wonderful service. Alleluia!

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