Event Calendar

John Keble, Priest, 1866

Year A / II Lent White Psalm 26:1-8 or Psalm 15Romans 12:9-21Matthew 5:1-12

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Year A / II Purple Psalm 130Ezekiel 37:1-14Romans 8:6-11John 11:1-45

Service cancelled, church closed – COVID-19

Parish Hall Children's Chapel area

This is a worship experience geared specifically for children ages 3+ and will be conducted between the main sanctuary procession and the Passing of the Peace.

John Donne, Priest, 1631

Year A / II Lent White Psalm 27:5-11 or Psalm 16:5-11Wisdom of Solomon 7:24--8:1John 5:19-24

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