Small Church -- Loving Family!

“And thus you shall greet him: ‘Peace be to you, and peace be to your house,
and peace be to all that you have.'”

1 Samuel 25:6

We welcome all to share in our vision at St. Francis of of Assisi Episcopal Church.  Here we explore God’s love through our worship, education, outreach, fellowship and other nurturing experiences.  We recognize that every human being is created in God’s image and is a precious gift.  As such we are reconcilers, healers and servants in Christ’s name as part of a community of generous-spirited, intellectually alive, faithful Christians.  We are always happy to provide more information about who we are, what we believe, and how we work to witness the Glory of God in Chapin and beyond.

Our Clergy and Staff

We’re a small to medium-sized church that prides itself in its interpersonal connections. We know and support each other in both good and bad times. Our wonderful clergy and staff are critical to this effort. As you begin to know them, you’ll begin to love them too!

Fr. Slaven Manning

The Reverend Slaven L. Manning, Rector

Father Slaven Manning has been the rector at St. Francis Church since July of 2015. He and his wife Linda came to us from Texas and absolutely love the trees, flora, and fauna of South Carolina! They are building a “house in the woods” in Little Mountain. Fitting for St. Francis, both Slaven and Linda are animal lovers. Since his arrival at St. Francis, Fr. Manning has stabilized a feral cat colony which he found sporadically visiting the church when he arrived. They have all been “adjusted” and now live under the building, enjoying constant food and water and the love of the office staff, and they keep the grounds free of snakes! Fr. Manning’s background includes years in Information Technology, Law Enforcement and, of course, pastoral and parochial ministry. Fr. Manning currently serves as the Dean of the Midlands Convocation, as a member of the Diocesan Executive Council, as a member of the Ecclesiastical Disciplinary Board, as an Associate Chaplain at Lexington Medical Center, and as a Chaplain for the Lexington County Coroner’s Office.

Deacon Ann Pilat

The Reverend Deacon Ann Pilat

The Rev. Deacon Ann Pilat was born and raised in Columbia, S.C.  She attended Trinity Cathedral until her ordination. She was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons in January, 2006 and served at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church prior to serving at St. Francis. She holds the Diocesan position of Deacon for Hispanic Ministries and assists throughout the Diocese with services and matters that include the Latino community. Ann is a full-time teacher of Spanish 1 and 2 at Spring Hill High School.   She is involved in numerous educational groups as well as groups, committees, and commissions of the Upper Diocese of SC. Ann is the mother of the Rev. Deacon Jenn Pilat, chaplain and spiritual director of the Seabury Active Life Community in Bloomfield, CT, and Patrick a Senior Systems Support Technician at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Columbia. She has three grandchildren: Mathew (13), Toby (6) and Teresa (4). Ann is an avid USC Gamecock fan and attends all women’s basketball, men’s basketball and baseball games.

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Mrs. Brenda Lugmayer

Church Administrator
Joseph Schroer

Mr. Joseph Schroer

Director of Music
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Ms. Julia Moore

Bertina Floyd

Mrs. Bertina Floyd

Pianist for the 8:30 service
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Mrs. Deanna Boyle

Nursery Care Provider
Karen Wade

Mrs. Karen Wade

Thrift Shop Manager
Gary Turner

Mr. Gary Turner

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The Reverend Jim Nichols

Assisting Clergy

Our Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, the governing board is called the Vestry. The Vestry has 12 members who are elected by the congregation and represent a large cross-section of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. It is responsible for financial oversight, for overseeing care of the buildings and grounds, and for helping our clergy and staff fulfill our mission and vision. Vestry members are elected for three year terms, typically in classes consisting of four people.

Gail Wojtowicz

Ms. Gail Wojtowicz

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden is the chairperson of the Vestry and the principal advisor to the Rector on matters affecting the congregation.  Gail grew up in Detroit, MI, as a Roman Catholic. She attended Catholic schools for 12 years and was a member of the Parish Council at the age of 16.  After obtaining degrees in Advertising and Communications, she joined the United States Air Force where she served for 25 years in operational and leadership roles, culminating in her service as a group commander of a unit of 2000 people.  In those 25 years, she served in the Pentagon for seven.  After retiring from active duty, she worked as a federal employee at Scott AFB in Illinois and was a member of St. Andrews in Edwardsville. There she served on the stewardship committee, finance committee, buildings and grounds maintenance teams, and organized many church social events. This latter passion is a calling she has continued at St. Francis where she and Meredith Boyd host the Christmas Eve reception every year.  She and Meredith moved to Columbia in 2016 and returned to St. Francis as their church home. Gail currently works 20 hours a week as the USC Belser Arboretum Manager which she characterizes as a “hobby” for which she gets paid.  Her other hobbies include fishing and DIY projects. She is a member of the vestry class of 2019 and was selected as Senior Warden for 2019.

David Wythe

Mr. David Wythe

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the church buildings and grounds. In addition, cemetery policies and procedures fall under his or her oversight.  A lifelong Episcopalian, David attended Trinity Cathedral and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church before moving to Chapin and joining St. Francis. At St. Mary’s, David and his wife, Lynn, taught Sunday school for the senior youth class and were leaders in St. Mary’s senior youth program. A Cursillo alumni, David was also a member of the Stewardship Committee. A recent retiree from Blue Cross Blue Shield, David holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. While at Blue Cross, David directed a staff responsible for the federal and state regulatory compliance tasks including those of one of its subsidiaries responsible for  the company’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Before joining Blue Cross, David directed the Forms and Rates Section of the South Carolina Department of Insurance. He also spearheaded the Department’s role in the Governor’s Office ICARE program, educating the state’s senior counselors in health insurance. David and his wife, Lynn, have a son, Stephen, a senior at the University of South Carolina. David joined the vestry in 2018.

Judy Everett

Mrs. Judy Everett


Judy came to St. Francis through volunteering at the Thrift Shop and through the encouragement of close friends. The Thrift Shop mission spoke to her and St. Francis provided her a warm and welcoming home church. For the past four years, she served as the Chair of Outreach Ministries.  She is still part of this ministry and proud of the contributions they have made to improving people’s lives. Judy earned a BA degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and her graduate degree from the University of South Carolina. For 24 years, she worked in the SC Technical College System in development and grant writing.  She is the grant writer/manager for the SC Center for Fathers and Families, a faith-based ministry that is focused on helping low-income fathers and reconnecting them with their children.  She has two sons. Judy is a member of the vestry class of 2019 and is filling a two-year term versus the traditional three-year calling.

Terry Burnett

Mr. Terry Burnett


Terry started his journey of following Jesus in the 9th grade in his hometown of Gadsden, AL. He was raised in the Methodist Church but have spent much of his adult life as a Presbyterian. Terry has lived in the Columbia area since 1994 and works as the Continuing Legal Education Director for the South Carolina Bar. His wife, Sally and he have been grateful members of St. Francis for more than three years. He notes how incredibly supportive the St. Francis parish is of his ministry in the Gideons International. He has served as both an adult and high school Sunday School teacher, and one of his passions is to help deepen the relationships of our young people with the Savior. Terry was elected to the vestry in 2018.

Amy Warren

Mrs. Amy Warren


A cradle Episcopalian, Amy was confirmed at St. Thaddeus in Aiken and married at Trinity Cathedral in 1973 to Mack Warren.  They moved to Chapin in 2007 and became members of St Francis soon thereafter.  In the past,  Amy has served as the Vacation Bible School (VBS) director, as a coordinator for Fellowship,  chairperson of the auction committee for three years, chairperson of the Sunday coffee hour effort, and coordinator and secretary for the Buildings and Grounds committee. She and Mack have two grown children and one grandchild.  She retired from School District 5 following twenty-three as a math teacher and 11 years as an assistant principal.  After retirement, she worked as the South Carolina Field Ambassador for the National Beta Club and served as the President of the Chapin Woman's Club.   Ann is a member of the vestry class of 2020.

Ronnie Connelly

Mr. Ronnie Connelly

Spiritual Growth and Discipleship

Ronnie has been a member of Saint Francis for 10 years. He serves as a member of the Outreach Committee and as a volunteer at the Thrift Shop. His is married to Caroline for the last 7 years and she has been a member since 2000. Ronnie has an Associate Degree in Accounting, a BS in Business, and a Master of Divinity with emphasis on Biblical Studies. Uniquely, Ronnie has served as Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor at nondenominational churches both here and abroad, to include his 7 years as a missionary in the Samoa Islands. He has taught special needs class in the Lexington County Public School System. Ronnie also had his own 501C3 nonprofit ministry and held seminars on leadership for pastors and their staffs throughout the Southeast. Ronnie is a member of the vestry class elected in 2018.

Sue Copeland

Ms. Sue Copeland

Christian Education/Formation

Sue was born and raised as a Catholic.  She was reconfirmed at St Francis of Assisi in 1991 and married at St. Francis in 1992.   All of her children were baptized in the Episcopal faith and 3 of her 4 children were confirmed at St Francis.  Sue has served as a Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School (VBS) coordinator and teacher, and in the Christian Education and Communications liaison positions on the Vestry.  Sue has worked as an Administrative Assistant for the South Carolina Dental Association since 2012.   She loves St. Francis and she feels she owes this church for helping her family to be loved here and becoming valued members of this community.  Her goal is to help all families experience the growth and joy that St. Francis has given her family.  She believes it is a privilege to be given this opportunity to be a member of the Vestry Class of 2020.

Kim Scollon

Mrs. Kim Scollon


Kim grew up in Texas and Ohio.  She met her husband, Rick at Ohio University, joined the Episcopal Church and moved to South Carolina where they have been attending St Francis since 1982 when it was in a small rental church on Lexington Avenue. Their three amazing children were all baptized at St. Francis and all served as acolytes in their teenage years.  Now, their grandchildren have been baptized at St. Francis too.  Over the years Kim has served on several committees, spent a year as Vestry clerk, manned the Mimosa Bar at quite a few Easter Brunches, cleaned up after many an event and generally tried to help wherever she could. Currently, she is teaching Sunday School and is in charge of coordinating the Nursery Volunteers for the 10:30 service.  She has always considered St. Francis to be a family where we are there for each other. True to these words, Rick left the Vestry at the end of 2018 after three years of service and Kim joined as a member of the Vestry Class of 2019.

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Dr. Phil Steude

Pastoral Care

Phil is a long time member of St Francis dating back to the "rent a church" days well before the move into our current sanctuary.  Phil has served on the vestry many times in the past and has been involved in many of its ministry functions.  In the past, Phil has served as Senior Warden.  Phil believes that The prayer of St Francis is his job description. He has completed Education for Ministry (EfM) training and has served on the staff of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina  Cursillo. Cursillo is a three-day learning, sharing, inspirational experience of living in a Christian community. Its purpose is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders.  Phil lives with his wife Pam and their puppy, Skye, in Chapin and he recently retired from forty-four years practicing psychiatry in Columbia.  Phil is a member of the Vestry class of 2020.

Keren Pickard

Mrs. Keren Pickard


Keren grew up as a cradle Episcopalian, attending St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in Tappahannock VA before attending the NC School for the Arts and UNC-Wilmington where she earned a degree in Vocal performance.  Moving to Columbia in 1983, she has been a member of St. Francis for 23 years. In that time, she has been on two rector search committees, served on Fellowship and Youth committees, and the Flower Guild.  Keren sings in the choir and helps lead Kindred Spirit.  She has led and served on the staff of our annual Discovery weekends at St. Francis.  A graduate of Cursillo, she remains deeply connected to the spiritual life in the church and the diocese.  Married to Phil, they have two sons who grew up in the St. Francis parish.    She currently is working sales and marketing at Oakleaf Village Assisted Living in Lexington.  Keren is a member of the Vestry class of 2019.

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Ms. Toni Sylvester


Toni has been a member of St. Francis since 1986.  She was raised in a family of staunch Lutherans but when she first visited St. Francis and saw how warm and welcoming everyone was, she became an Episcopalian.  That was her  "best decision ever since this church has truly been a spiritual home for her and has nourished her life in Christ."  She has been active at St. Francis in a variety of ways, most having to do with the Worship services - Choir, Altar Guild, Worship Leader, and Prayer Desk minister.  She has served twice before on the Vestry and been commissioned as a Lay Parish Chaplain and as a Eucharistic Visitor. Since 2009 she has been studying and praying to become a Benedictine Sister in the Companions of St. Luke and she hopes to take her final, life vows in May 2021.  Toni owes so much to St. Francis and is honored to serve in the Vestry Class of 2020 as a way that to strengthen the community of faith that loves and serves the Lord. 

John Edgerton

Mr. John Edgerton


John and his wife Lynn moved to Chapin and joined St. Francis in 2017.  John grew up in Florence, SC, and graduated from Clemson University to begin a career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry. He joined the Episcopal Church in 1988 when he and Lynn were married. For several years, they lived in Austin, Texas, where they raised two sons and were members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.  In that capacity, John served twice on the Vestry, was an usher with Lynn every month and he served as the finance committee chairperson for 5 years.  John enjoys woodworking and home DIY projects as hobbies. He is active in Boy Scouts as an Assistant Scout Master and volunteers at We Care on one of the food pickup teams. He and Lynn are really enjoying retirement and they are delighted to be members of St. Francis of Assisi in Chapin!  John is in the Vestry class of 2019.

Directions to St. Francis of Assisi, Chapin

St Francis of Assisi is easy to find!  Get off I-26 at Exit 91, Columbia Avenue. Turn toward Chapin. Drive 1.6 miles until you see Wells Fargo Bank on your left. Turn left onto Old Lexington Highway at the bank. Proceed straight ahead for 1 mile on Old Lexington Highway to the entrance of St. Francis on your left. There is a sign at the highway.

Business Hours

Church Office Hours, Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. Please note the Rector may or may not be at the Church during these hours, so please call to schedule a time with him.  Friday's are typically his sermon writing day and at any day or time, he may be called for ministry in the local area.

A brief background of The Episcopal Church

We are proudly a member church of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

The Episcopal Church grew out of the Church of England in the wake of the American Revolution. Today, it is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion which compromises 38 provinces in 165 countries under the spiritual leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The word Episcopal is derived from the Greek episkopos, meaning bishop, indicating that we are governed by bishops; but lay people, bishops, priests and deacons all share authority and work together in the life of the church as it does the mission of God.

Episcopalians worship using The Book of Common Prayer. The first Book of Common Prayer was written in 1549 when the Anglican Church dictated the end of the Latin mass. Modified over time, this book shapes Episcopal beliefs and grounds its worship in continuing traditions. It is through symbols, scripture, sermons, sacred music and the Holy Eucharist that the Episcopal Church remembers the teachings and ministry of Christ.

Episcopalians do not interpret the Bible literally. Rather they acknowledge that scripture is the Word of God which contains all things necessary for salvation, but also that it was written by human authors who were inspired by the revelation of God in their particular time and context. They rely on the Holy Spirit and their God given intelligence and ability to reason as their guides to our modern interpretation of scripture and its meaning today.

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