We welcome all to share our vision at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, to explore God’s love through worship, education, outreach, fellowship and other nurturing experiences. Because we recognize that every human being is created in God’s image and therefore precious, we will be reconcilers, healers and servants in Christ’s name. We are one of 61 member churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

Our Staff

Fr. Manning Profile Pic


The Reverend Slaven L. Manning, Rector – email Father Manning


 Ann Pilat, Deacon – email Deacon Pilat

Cindy Epps, Church Administrator – email Mrs. Epps

Marilyn Becker, Organist
Joseph Schroer, Choir Director
Deanna Boyle, Nursery Care Provider
Bertina Floyd, Pianist
Karen Wade, Thrift Store Manager

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Our 2018 Vestry and their ministry/committee area of responsibility:

Bert Floyd, Senior Warden
Dean Quenneville, Junior Warden (Building & Grounds/Cemetery)
Roger Banta (Outreach)
Alice Brooker (Fellowship)
Terry Burnett (Christian Education)
Ronnie Connelly (Spiritual Growth and Discipleship)
Janice Fergusson (Finance)
Pat Goodale (Worship)
Millie Jackson (Pastoral Care)
Rick Scollon (Youth)
Jay Seward (Communications)
David Wythe (Stewardship)